The Museum of Flight 

Douglas King

President & CEO

Nat Seymour has photographed numerous events and items for The Museum of Flight, including a NASA Future Forum, the final presentation of the Washington Aerospace Scholars, the Museum’s award-winning B-29 aircraft and crew, and product photography for the Museum’s gift shop.

The theme that runs through Nat’s photography is excitement.

For hardware that flies through air, through space or items that remind us of flight, Nat’s unique and sympathetic perspective makes inanimate objects exciting. In a similar manner, Nat’s images of people show the passion within our staff and visitiors, from our discussions of future spacecraft to demonstrating historic aircraft. His photography of panel discussions is the most engaging I have seen.

Nat works efficiently with the museum staff to create images that are collaborative, creative and enjoyable to participate in. His manner is always professional; his images delivered on-time and formatted just as we need.

I wish Nat the best in his photographic career and I hope he will continue to work with The Museum of Flight toward the future.